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You are listening to "Embracing all that is You"

Embracing All That is You
(Music only)


Embracing All That is You
(Music with Theta Brainwave Entrainment-BWE)


Simply put on your headphones and click on the play buttons above to listen to these tracks. You can also right click on either of the blue highlighted track names above to download them.

Theta brainwave frequencies are present during deep meditation, light sleep and REM dream state. By listening to theses wave your brain can enter these brainwave states. While listening to BWE you should not do any activities that would not be safe without your full awareness and attention.

It is recommended that you also listen to our 20 minute recordings to create the proper response and receive the maximum benefits.

Here is more information on the Theta Brainwave Entrainment track you are listening to:

This scientifically designed music was created to help you bridge your conscious and subconscious minds. Just listen to begin automatically experiencing more abundance, prosperity and opportunities than ever before.

• Theta Brainwave Entrainment: Theta is known as one of the best states for communicating with our subconscious mind. When we are in a theta state, people are known to experience bursts of inspiration, intuitive realizations, promptings, and communication with divine beings.

Some of the long term benefits of visiting the theta brainwave state are: • Deeper connection to your emotions • Increased intuition • Greater levels of energy and relaxation • Enhanced self-awareness • A greater ability to enter into a highly focused and effortless learning state.

As the Theta waves infuse your mind you may begin to effortlessly:
Experience an abundant money mindset Start living the law of attraction
Experience more love for yourself & others Open your mind to discover your life purpose
Experience higher self-esteem Attract more money, success & opportunities
Enjoy spiritual breakthroughs Improve visualization skills
Let go of the past Stop living with uncertainty
Release your anxieties Move past fears of failure
Stop self-sabotage Become more creative
Reach your genius potential and more…

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